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Collaborative School Committee (CSC)


NameCSC Position
Marti RosenbergStaff Member – Principal
Maile RainsParent Member
Paul CraigParent Member
Sarah GloverParent Member
Mary ThomasParent Member
Gavin GanabStaff Member
Trevor MorrisStaff Member
Lane MillerStaff Member

Contact Us

The CSC welcomes your suggestions, questions, and concerns. Please contact Marti Rosenberg.



The CSC usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month during the school year from 4:30 to 6 p.m., in the Steele Library. Parents and staff are welcome to attend all meetings.

To increase school community involvement with the CSC, we have an open discussion period during each meeting. If you have an item you feel needs to be added to the meeting agenda, please contact Marti Rosenberg at least a week prior to the scheduled meeting, to discuss and give us time to manage the agenda.

CSC Mission

Our mission is to create an environment for our community in which the educational, social, and emotional needs of all Steele students are successfully served. This is accomplished by being proactive in anticipating these needs and creating solutions. We work together to provide for the short- and long-term direction and are an accountability group for our school.

Based on this charge, the CSC role is accountability focused on the following areas:

The CSC duties include:

  1. Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) (Achievement Data, Goal Setting, Strategies, and Implementation) UIP Documents
  2. Staffing Allocations – Assist the principal by making recommendations concerning the use of the staffing allocations provided to the school by the Board of Education
  3. Annual School Budget – Reviewing and approving the annual school budget according to district guidelines that supports the objectives of the UIP
  4. Calendar and/or Schedule – Making recommendations related to achieving school goals
  5. Academic Issues (including related policies and procedures) – Gather input from Steele parents, teachers, and community members and discuss and make recommendations on academic issues as appropriate

The CSC will not:

  1. Participate in the day-to-day operations of the school.
  2. Be involved in issues relating to individuals (staff, students, or parents) within the school.
  3. Be involved in personnel issues (School Personnel Committee will stand alone in the current DPS/DCTA contract).

Specific Details on the CSC duties and responsibilities are outlined in the following documents:

CSC Make-up and Selection Process

The CSC is an elected school-based advisory board at Steele Elementary School. Members of the CSC serve a 2-year term and include the principal, 4 Teachers, 4 Parents, 1 classified employee, and a Business/Community Representative.

Elections for Parent and Teacher positions are held each year with two positions in each group being elected. This ensures that there will be at least two members from these groups with a previous years’ experience to ensure continuity on the committee.



Here at Steele, we pride ourselves on our strong culture of volunteerism. Without support from Steele families and other advocates in the community, we wouldn’t be able to provide the same enriched learning experience that we do today.

Our mission is to create an enduring culture of volunteerism where all parents participate and work together to advance the goals of Steele Elementary. Being involved adds to Steele’s community atmosphere and allows us the ability to plan events and opportunities for our families to get to know one another and to enrich learning for our kids! 

Did you know?

In the same way we strive for 100% participation in the Stallion Fund, we hope to attain the same level of success with participation in community building and volunteerism at Steele.

There are volunteer opportunities for all interests, skill sets and schedules!

By building a vibrant community of volunteerism, we will be able to model good behavior for our children, while supplementing the education they are receiving with the same level of socialization and community engagement.

Please remember that it takes a village. We are excited about creating more opportunity for our children and strengthening the bonds we enjoy here at Steele. It wouldn’t be the same without YOU!

How to Volunteer

Steele uses, a volunteer website that also houses the Steele directory and store. Are you already registered for the online directory? If so, you have access to one-stop services that will enable you to access school contacts from any wireless device, quickly view and sign up for volunteer opportunities, and make school purchases, like your PTA membership!Login to with your password, or have your personal sign up link sent to your e-mail.

Login to with your password, or have your personal sign up link sent to your e-mail.

If you would like to volunteer and have questions, please contact Jenine Camins at

Volunteer at Steele. Be Part of It!