Parent FAQs

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What is the best resource for information about school-wide events and activities?

The Steele Stallion Press, a weekly newsletter on school-wide events and activities, is emailed out to those registered. This is the primary source of key communications on school and parent sponsored events. Register your email address to start getting the Steele Stallion Press.

Where can I access the online school directory?

In order to ensure privacy of all Steele families, the online directory is only available to Steele families and staff. When you enter/confirm your data for the directory, at least one email address is required (additional email addresses can be entered for each parent). After all families have entered/confirmed their data, the online directory is generated, and an email is sent to each parent with instructions for logging in to the online directory.

Only parents whose email is in the directory database can access the online/mobile directory. As noted above, your family can be added to the online directory at any time during the school year by contacting the directory coordinator at

If, at any time, you have trouble logging on, contact the directory coordinator at

How do I get my information added to the school directory?

Historically there has been both a printed version of the school directory and an online version. Inclusion in the directory is “opt-in,” which means that each year, your family must confirm that you want to be listed in the directory. If you do not confirm that you want your family’s data included, it will not be in the directory.

New families can add as much or as little of their family data (email addresses, phone numbers, and physical address) as they desire. Returning families who want to opt in must update/confirm their family data each fall, shortly after the school year starts. If your family is new, keep an eye on the Steele Stallion Press, or check the school website, for a link to the database where you can enter your family’s data. If you are a returning family, you will get an email asking you to update/confirm your family’s data, and providing instructions for doing so.

You can update or add your family’s data in the online directory at any time during the school year. To do so, contact the directory coordinator at

What is the best way to contact my child’s teacher during the day?

We have found in the majority of cases that your child’s teacher would like to be contacted by email. They check their emails periodically throughout the day. If you need to inform your child of an appointment, vacations or a special request, you are best served to contact his/her teacher at least a day in advance so that they can prepare for the change. In an emergency, call the office at 720-424-3720.

What are the before and after school care options?

Discovery Link, the DPS-provided before and after school care, provides before and/or after school care for the entire school year. They also run a variety of camps during school holidays.

After School Activities

At this time the only Before and After School In-Person Programming that will be offered is Discovery Link. New this year to Discovery Link is a screen free program, higher focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through daily SEL activities and surveys, and tying more state standards into our lesson planned activities in conjunction with our site standards. This is just a small highlight of what will be happening in Discovery Link.

If you are interested in enrolling your student in Discovery Link, please contact our Extended Learning Program Supervisor Randy Geary for more information. They can be reached at or by calling 720-424-3777.

Enrichments will not be happening before winter break.

What after school activities/clubs are available?

There are various after school activities and enrichment programs we are pleased to make available to the community. The type of enrichment options vary as do the schedules.

How do I find out what my child is doing in the classroom?

There are typically two sources of classroom updates and information on events, homework, and your child’s day-to-day activities. Teachers will either opt to send out periodic emails or update a blog or web page. Make sure your child’s teacher has your email address. If you know who your child’s teacher is, you can find his or her contact information in the Directory. Call the office if you are unsure of your child’s teacher’s name or information.

How do I find out my child’s scores on the DPS standardized tests?

For communications on your child’s standardized test results and communications that relate to the Denver Public School system, register for the Parent Portal at If you have difficulty registering, reach out to the parent portal support team. Call: 720.423.3163 or Email:

Where do I park and drop off/pick up my child?

The east side of the street directly in front of the school’s main entrance (Marion Parkway) is designated as the “Kiss and Drop” area. This is for parents who want to drop their child off at the curb and don’t need to park. Please respect this practice and DO NOT park your car in this area. It is staffed by interns/adult volunteers who can help children get onto the school grounds safely. Do not double park on this street as it is heavily ticketed (it is a major fire truck route). Feel free to park on the other sides of the building, but try to walk if you can! Your child’s teacher will designate a meeting place for the class in the morning. This will be the same place that you’ll pick your child up after school. Typically classes meet outside during fair weather. During poor weather, take your child to the cafeteria and teachers will pick them up there. For a review of drop-off, pick-up and visiting procedures.

What time does school start?

The first bell rings promptly at 8:10am. We strongly suggest that you drop your child off by 8 a.m. Faculty is available on the playground to watch your child starting at 7:55 a.m. You may also leave your child in the cafeteria as early as 7:45 a.m. for DPS-provided breakfast or drop-off. The second bell rings at 8:15 a.m. Students are expected to be in class at that time. If your child arrives after 8:15 am, he or she will be asked to go to the main office to receive a tardy slip. “Tardies” are recorded throughout the year and appear on your child’s report card. You can also find a current tally of tardies and absences on the DPS Parent Portal.

How do I report an illness or expected absence?

In the event that your child is sick, is going to be late, or will miss school for other reasons, call the Attendance Phone Line at 720-424-3725 and leave a message by 8:30 a.m. Leave your name, your child’s name, teacher or room number, date of absence and reason. If you know that your child is going to miss school for a trip, etc. make sure you complete an absentee form from the office.

How does my child buy lunch?

Hot lunches and milk are charged to students by using their DPS student ID number. The most efficient way to appropriate funds for your child’s lunch is to do so online by creating a My School Bucks account at Then you can add money using a credit card. You can also go to the cafeteria and pay money directly into your child’s account. Each time he/she buys something (milk $.50 or lunch $1.85), it will be deducted from his/her account. If the account balance is low, your child will be sent home with a reminder stamp to let you know you need to add additional money. Kindergartners and first graders who are eating hot lunch/milk have a card with their student ID number on it, which is taken to the lunch room so the correct account is charged. Students in grades 2-5 are expected to have their DPS student ID number memorized. If you or your student do not know his/her student ID number, it can be found using the DPS Parent Portal.

What is the process to have my child added to the bus list?

As long as your child qualifies for the Steele bus route, you will need to go into the office and have your student added to the bus list. If you receive a letter in the mail regarding the bus route, then most likely your child is on the list. In order for your child to ride the bus, you will need to inform his/her teacher that they will be taking the bus. If you want your child to ride with a student who is not on the bus list, please fill out the form and return it to the office.

What determines eligibility for the Steele Bus Program?

Students that are in-region but more than one walking mile from Steele are eligible to take a bus in to school. You should have received a notice communicating your household’s eligibility. If not, call either the school or the DPS transportation organization: Phone: 720-423-4600 Website:

How do I volunteer to work in my child’s classroom?

Visit the Directory for teacher emails and classroom websites. Classrooms also typically have a room parent.

Room Parents

The school’s room parents support community and communication at Steele Elementary.  Two or more parents in each classroom help their child’s teacher with tasks that could include organizing classroom parties, updating the classroom website and sending out a monthly email with classroom news to families.  At the beginning of the school year, the classroom teacher meets with their room parent volunteers to determine what level of assistance they would like.

The room parent coordinator (another parent volunteer) organizes the group of room parents, provides direction on tasks, and provides the monthly PTA news highlighting volunteer opportunities and fundraiser details to be added to your monthly email.  The coordinator supports room parents in building the connections between the classroom and home.

One of the first things a room parent does is organize a classroom social to kick off the school year.  It’s a great way to meet the other families in your child’s classroom and get to know your teachers better.  To organize this initial event the room parents will use email addresses provided by their teacher.  If these tasks and a year-long commitment are something you could do for your child’s classroom, look for details in the Steele Stallion Press in late May.

Funds for room parent tasks should be (and generally are) shared with other parents in the classroom. However, if you’re considering volunteering to be a room parent, please be aware that throughout the year, you may end purchasing miscellaneous items (cards, flowers, party supplies, etc.) for which you might not be reimbursed. If this is a concern, please don’t let it keep you from volunteering; instead, talk with the Room Parent Coordinator.

Contact the 2020-21 Room Parent Coordinator, Heather Kazarian, at

101 (Vecchiarelli)
Christy Frerichs
Johanna Woodrow
103 (Spear)
Heather D’Agnes
Laurel Algoe
Tina Heinert
Rachael Klos
113 (S. Krizek)
Kristen Byrne
Lindsay Dougherty
Brittany Woolnough
1st Grade
112 (Finkler)
Jen Horn
Heather Kazarian
114 (Hughes)
Allison Bouillion
Brandi Krause
115 (Hensley)
Jen Horn
Jessica Dewees
Shawna Rich
2nd Grade
204 (Capwell)
Lacey Adams
Kristen Byrne
211 (Travis)
China Califf
Whitney Isabel
312 (Grahf)
Eliza Kienitz
Jessi Richter
3rd Grade
202 (Thomas)
Heather Kazarian
Julie Lees
Colleen Nelson
209 (Lantz)
Shawna Rich
Elizabeth Valeski
212 (Colter)
Katie Ginder
Sarah Kiernan
Ali Sweeney
4th Grade
308 (Miller)
Sydney Greenish
Tina Hunter
310 (Royer)
Rachael Klos
Kelly Gloekler
Sarah Garratt
Lindsay Dougherty
313 (McMorris)
Jessica Kottcamp
5th Grade
301 (L. Krizek)
Daniela Meltzer
Kate Snyder
306 (Summerville)
Carrie Gibson
309 (Donaldson)
Nicole Kane
Pattie Welch
How do I volunteer at Steele?

Most of the volunteer activities are run though the PTA. We would welcome your participation in the Steele PTA and related activities. For more information, contact Also, see the PTA website at

Where do I find information about School Supplies?

For the most up-to-date information, see the Classroom Supplies page on the Steele website.

During Spring, teachers create school supply lists for the following year and families may purchase these supplies at local stores or may order them through 1st Day School Supplies. Ordering through 1st Day School Supplies is easy and the prices are competitive for brand name products. All supplies are shipped to the school and The Steele PTA earns $3 on every order made!

Where is the lost and found?

Most lost items can be found on a table just inside the North cafeteria entrance. Items are donated to charity at the end of every month. A few additional lost and found items can be found in the lockers across from the gym.