Parent FAQs

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What is the best resource for information about school-wide events and activities?

Please download the Reachwell App to track Steele Communication, follow the easy to use calendar, and receive school notifications. Find instructions here.

What is the online school directory?

The school directory provides contact information for staff, students and provides family contact information. In order to ensure privacy of all Steele families, the online directory is only available to Steele families and staff who opt in participation. Each Fall, returning and new families must opt in, update new information and confirm inclusion in the directory by visiting Contact with questions.

What is the best way to contact my child’s teacher during the day?

We have found in the majority of cases that your child’s teacher would like to be contacted by email. They check their emails periodically throughout the day. If you need to inform your child of an appointment, vacations or a special request, you are best served to contact his/her teacher at least a day in advance so that they can prepare for the change. In an emergency, call the office at 720-424-3720.

What are the before and after school care options?

Steele offers both Enrichment and Discovery Link before/after school care options.

Discovery Link is DPS-provided before and after school care offering extended hours at Steele. To learn more about Discovery Link, check out

Enrichment programs provide numerous fun after-school activities and classes that appeal to kids’ different interests and hobbies. These programs vary throughout the school year, as do their schedules. Register –

How do I find out what my child is doing in the classroom?

Teachers will send out weekly emails or update a blog or web page.

How do I find out my child’s scores on the DPS standardized tests?

For your student’s standardized test results register for the Parent Portal at If you have difficulty registering, reach out to the parent portal support team. Call: 720.423.3163 or Email:

Where do I park and drop off/pick up my child?

Directly in front of the school’s main entrance on S. Marion Parkway is designated as the “Kiss and Drop” area. This is for parents who want to drop their child off at the curb and don’t need to park. Please respect this practice and DO NOT park your car in this area, even briefly. It is monitored by Steele staff members to help children get onto the school grounds safely. If you choose to park and drop off your student, you can park on S. Lafayette Street (east of the building) or on other streets nearby. Observe street sweeping signs; the designated street sweeping days vary for each street, and the city does ticket for this. Many families choose to walk or bike to school. There are bike racks on the east and north sides of the building. We recommend you lock your child’s bike on the racks. 

Your child’s teacher will designate a meeting place on the school grounds for the class to meet in the morning. This meeting place will be communicated at the popsicle social (see above for date). During poor weather, drop your child off at the cafeteria to allow students to enter the building earlier and stay warm. 

After school, you must park your car and meet your child at the class meeting area. There is no drive-up option for picking up students at the end of the day. 

What time does school start?

Students may start arriving at the school at 7:50am. The first bell rings at 8:03am and is the warning for students to line up. The start of the day bell rings at 8:05am and the tardy bell rings at 8:10am. Students are expected to be in class at that time. If your child arrives after 8:10am, they must go to the main office to receive a tardy slip. Late arrivals are recorded throughout the year and appear on your child’s report card. You can find a current tally of late arrivals and absences on the Parent Portal website

How do I report an illness or expected absence?

If your child is going to be late or miss school, call the Attendance Phone Line at 720-424-3725 and leave a message by 8:30am. Leave your name, your student’s name, your student’s teacher’s name or classroom number, date of absence, and reason for absence. 

How does my child buy lunch?

School lunch is free and includes milk. However if your child brings a lunch, milk is available for purchase at The menu can be found on the School Cafe website, here.

What determines eligibility for the Steele Bus Program?

If you live within the Steele boundary and more than one mile from school, your child may be eligible for busing to and from Steele. If you satisfy this criteria, you must opt in for bussing services by logging in to your and visiting the Transportation tab. If you have difficulties, please visit or call  (720-423-4600). Students who are eligible for the bus program are not required to ride the bus to and from school every day. You must inform your student’s teacher of when your student will be taking the bus.

How do I volunteer in my child’s classroom?

Parents must have a DPS background check completed from prior to volunteering in the classroom or attending classroom parties. Teachers will share volunteer opportunities a few weeks after the school year has begun. Each classroom needs at least two Room Parent volunteers to assist teachers with class parties, sharing classroom news, and finding ways to build classroom community. If you are interested in becoming a room parent, please email the room parent coordinator at

How do I volunteer at Steele?

The Steele PTA welcomes all parents’ participation! We operate with over 40 chair positions and even more committees. There are numerous ways to get involved! The PTA meets once a month on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm. PTA meetings are announced in the Steele Stallion Press newsletter and posted on the school calendar. To find out more about volunteering opportunities and what positions are available, email

Where do I find information about School Supplies?

For the most up-to-date information, see the Classroom Supplies page on the Steele website.

During Spring, teachers create school supply lists for the following year and families may purchase these supplies at local stores or may order them through 1st Day School Supplies. Ordering through 1st Day School Supplies is easy and the prices are competitive for brand name products. All supplies are shipped to the school and The Steele PTA earns $3 on every order made!

Where is the lost and found?

Most lost items can be found inside the North cafeteria entrance. Items are donated to charity at the end of the month.