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Spring Seedling and Planting
Classroom volunteer opportunities began in March.  Contact Nikki Dawson if you are interested.

Washington Park Home Tour Plant Sale
Details to be posted soon.

2015 Summer Garden Weeding & Watering
The summer watering program asks families to support the school gardens by helping with watering and weeding this summer.  The Garden Committee will train the family to water and weed.  Each watering session lasts about an hour and can be completed either before 10 am or after 6 pm (Denver water rules).  Students receive a $25 stipend (one per family) at the end of the summer.  All families are eligible with a priority given to families with older kids or to families that participated previously.  If interested, please contact the Steele Garden at with any questions:

  • Dates will be determined in late spring

Youth Farmers Markets (YFM)

Members of the YFM Committee will work with one class of students to design, market and work the YFMs.  Markets are typically on Friday after school, starting in late August and running through mid-October.   Student harvest fresh produce that they have grown to sell in the market and through Slow Foods Denver, we procure addition items from local organic farms.  Funds generated by the YFM go to support planting and other Steele School Garden programs.   For more information, please contact Andra Homens or the Steele Garden at

Garden To Cafeteria Committee

In the first year of the Garden To Cafeteria program (2010), Steele gardens contributed 251 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to the Steele cafeteria.  Our goal is to double that output this fall.  Members of the GTC Committee will work with students to harvest ready-to-eat produce from the gardens and then will work with Dee and the kitchen staff to receive the fresh produce.  Approximate commitment is once a week for 2 hours from the start of school to mid-October (weather dependent).   For more information, please contact the Steele Garden at

Taste Education Classes

Taste Education classes exposes students to the wonders of fresh produce from the school gardens through cooking classes and garden-based explorations. Some classes are taught by parents and some through Slow Foods – Seed to Table.  For more information, please contact the Steele Garden at

Curriculum Integration

Curriculum Integration (CI) works with teachers to develop lesson plans that will ensure more time in the Steele School Garden for their students.  Increasing students’ “food literacy” by exposing them to the garden process from seedlings to table (plant seedlings, transplant, weeding, watering, harvesting, cafeteria, and farmer’s market) is the core of the garden program.  The CI program teaches children the importance of working together toward a common goal and expands the exposure of children to a healthy way of eating, in turn hoping to increase their daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

CI works individually with teachers to help integrate current DPS lessons and the Steele Garden. All lesson plans will be aligned with Colorado state standards, Common Core standards, AND DPS curriculum.  For more information, please contact Nikki Dawson.