At Steele, our vision is to empower each other to explore and engage in the world around us. The Steele Community’s mission is to provide the tools and opportunities that build a strong educational foundation in each child and that upholds our values:

  • We value the Steele Code. We create our expectations for behavior and learning based on these words.
  • We value innovation. We research and practice the latest developments in education.
  • We value creativity. We believe there is more than one approach and solution to a challenge.
  • We believe in building community by developing relationships over time.
  • We value integrated curriculum. We design units of study to meet our children’s needs and interests.
  • We value student growth. We set high expectations and strive to meet our academic goals.
  • We value the arts. We express ourselves through the arts allowing us to interact with and interpret our world.
  • We value physical education. We believe the strength and fitness of our bodies is as essential as the strength and fitness of our minds.
  • We value second educators. We believe collaboration with future educators enriches our profession and helps provide differentiated learning opportunities.
  • We value experiential learning. We facilitate learning through real life experiences.
  • We value our outdoor environments as a way to learn.
  • We value risk taking. We create a safe environment that allows people to experiment and make mistakes.
  • We value communication. We expect open and honest communication where all voices are heard.
  • We value collaboration. We share resources and leadership to achieve common goals.
  • We value accountability. We hold each other to high expectations.