Why Steele?

Steele Elementary is located in the heart of Washington Park, a tree-lined neighborhood South-East of the Denver financial district by a little over two miles. It is one of the top performing elementary schools but still provides cultural and ethnic diversity with a wide range of activities that support the children’s varied interests.
The teachers and staff are highly engaged in the students’ academic and social development. Everyone benefits from a second teacher in each classroom which results in one of the more favorable parent-teacher ratios in the Denver Public Schools.
The parent community is also actively involved in supporting the school as needed with fundraising events, communications, and effectively partnering with the teachers and school administration to provide a warm, nurturing and encouraging environment for academic growth and enrichment.
Steele Elementary is unique in its integrative approach to educational programming.  Combining the best of both contemporary-style and British Primary educational and teaching practices, Steele delivers a comprehensive academic experience that nurtures inquisitive, collaborative learners who are poised to succeed in both life and on tests.
Inquiry-based teaching methods help create a collaborative and supportive environment where students can take risks and learn from mistakes, are inspired to apply logic to make connections and draw correlations and can build confidence in their creative and problem-solving skills.  Steele educational programming intrinsically and uniquely embraces tenants of 21st century learning, building the foundation for our students’ bright, successful future.
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